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Village Hall Supporters Club to close

The Marnhull Village Hall Lottery which has been running in its new form for some three years, has now closed. The Scheme, raised over £1500 for the Village Hall during the first two years. £1200 in the first year, £300 in the second. The Village Hall Trustees are extremely grateful to all those who have bought tickets.


Regrettably this year, the scheme is not covering costs and is heading for a deficit. The Trustees have reluctantly taken the decision to close the scheme and refund any outstanding ticket money on the basis of draws entered so far.

The reasons for the decline in ticket sales are not difficult to pinpoint given the current cost of living issues, the secure Village Hall Finances and perhaps a little ‘fund raising fatigue’ after the magnificent efforts to raise the £200,000 required to upgrade the hall. The Trustees are aware that there have been a number of comments from the village community about better ways to raise funds for targeted projects in the future.

The Trustees thank all those who have supported the scheme in the past, which has helped to keep the hall the vibrant and comfortable community space that it is.


Rob Norton

Marnhull Village Hall Treasurer.

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